SQCOR Faculty

Visiting Scientists/ Research Associate



Past Postdocs:


Name: Soumen Dey

Degree: Ph.D. in Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Research Areas: Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Ecology.

Mail: soumenstat89@gmail.com



Name: Shuvashree Mondal

Degree: Ph.D. Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Research Areas: Reliability Theory.

Mail: mondalshuvashree409@gmail.com​


Rwitam Jana

Degree: PhD Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Research Areas: Mathematical Programming, Game Theory

Mail: rwitamjanaju@gmail.com


Name: Dr. Firoz Ahmad

Degree: Ph.D. (Operations Research) from Aligarh Muslim University 

Research Areas: Optimization, Mathematical programming

Mail:  firoz.ahmad02@gmail.com


Name: Dr. Sanjay Goswami

Degree: PhD in Engineering from Jadavpur University

Research Areas: Large Scale Data Analytics, Engineering, AI & ML

Mail: sanjaygoswamee@gmail.com


Name: Dr. Snigdha Karmakar

Degree: PhD in Mathematics (Operations Research) from IIT, Kharagpur

Research Area: Inventory and supply Chain Models