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Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research (SQC&OR) Unit, Kolkata


Address: SQC&OR unit, Kolkata, 6th floor, Kolmogorov Bhavan, Indian Statistical Institute,

203 B. T. Road, Kolkata - 700108, India.

Ph: 033-25753350


Head of SQC&OR unit Kolkata:  

Dr. Nandini Das

7th floor, PJA building, Indian Statistical Institute

203 B T Road, Kolkata- 700108

Ph: 03325753352

Email: nandini@isical.ac.in


Activity of SQCOR unit, Kolkata

Faculty members of this unit are engaged in the following academic activities :

  1. Teaching in MTech (QROR), BSTAT, MS(QE), PGDBA
  2. Reasearch in the field of  Quality, Reliability and Operations Research   
  3. Consultancy ( Projects and Training) to different industries ( Government and Private)

Academic Programme

1. Mtech in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research (QROR)

2. Junior Research Fellowship i.e. JRF in QROR


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